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The Gifted

Free Your Inner Gifts for a Brand-New Life

A Featured New Title at the International Book Expo, 2014, New York

The Gifted: Free Your Inner Gifts for a Brand-New Life is an inspirational, groundbreaking book from author, motivational speaker and licensed psychotherapist Daphne Michaels.

Describing and celebrating the nine gifts we are all born with, Michaels teaches readers how to recognize each gift and use it on their individual journeys of personal development and spiritual growth.

She shows us that the first three gifts we must recognize are Awareness, Potential and Stillness. This triad allows us to identify and use with real life-changing power the remaining six: Disharmony, Harmony, Ease, Clarity, Freedom and Engagement.

By approaching these nine gifts with real-world metaphors, Michaels answers common questions about personal transformation — such as how it works and what kind of commitment it takes to reach a life of authentic happiness. Even Disharmony, Michaels explains, does not need to rule us. Disharmony is ours to use in positive ways as we discover the real purpose of Harmony in our lives.

The final gift, Engagement, allows us to use all of the other gifts with a joy and power we never imagined possible.

“In her new book, The Gifted, Daphne Michaels reminds us that we can create the life we desire and describes the nine gifts that are the keys to living lives filled with ease, freedom, wonder, and joy. Written simply yet poignantly, The Gifted should become a favorite book as you traverse the adventures of your life.”

– Patti Teel, People Magazine’s “Dream Maker”

The Gifted: Free Your Inner Gifts for a Brand-New Life, is the first in a five-book series.

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