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3rd Chakra

5 Pointed Power

2nd Chakra

Your Creative Well

1st Chakra

The Base of Your Security

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Radiance: Absorbing the Light of Summer

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Your Global Grid: Tapping the Energy that Inspires

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Spring Cleaning: Dialing in a Pristine Field

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Energetically Stepping Up: Finding Portals to More

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2019: Dial-in the Energetics

Advanced Guidance

Embodying 2019

2019 Daily Practice

The Energetics of Luck

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Conscious Endings: Energetic Reflections and Review of 2018

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Increase Your Second Field Connections for Greater Balance

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Consciously Begin Your Seasonal Descent

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The Power of Receptivity: When to Open to Energetic Transfers

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Your Lever of Perception: How to Shift Your Awareness

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The Electromagnetics of Getting to Your Next Highest Frequency

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Witness Your Life Into Being (Part 2)

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How to Witness Your Life into Being

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The Magnetic Nature of Non-attachment

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The Power of A Coherent Personal Field

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How to Hold Your Energetic Focus for
Greater Life Success

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How to Be in Command of Your Life

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How to Transmute Negativity

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How to Develop Supportive Perceptions

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Micro-Healing for Mind, Heart and Body

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Identifying Where Your Visions Are Blocked

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Identifying Your Consciousness Goals

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Transitioning Up to Your Next Level

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Tracking Your Belief System

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Strengthening Your “YES”

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Letting Go of Self Imposed Limits

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Balancing Your Generosity and Needs

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Living With Greater Precision

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Visioning 2017

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The Value of Grace

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Connecting With the Possible

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Exploring Our Depth and Inner Richness

Next Steps

How to Lean into a New Season


How Discipline and Routines Serves Us


How to Call Upon the Spirit of Intensity


How to Master an Expanded Focus


How to Weave Greater Joy Into Our Lives

Staying on Task

How to Be More Focused and Efficient

Welcoming Spring

How to Open Fully to What’s Emerging

Staying on the Wave

How to Manage the Ups and Downs of Life


How to Tune to the New Frequency

Preparing for the Solstice

How to Cultivate Your Inner Light

Reflecting on 2015

Clarifying the Highlights and Challenges

Tracking Your Truth

How to Stay on Your Path Every Day

Preparing for the Equinox

How to Move Toward Greater Balance

Holding the Light

How to Use the Power of Summer for Months

Keeping Form

How to Maintain Commitment to What Matters Most

Preparing for the Solstice

How to Reach Toward the Longest Day of the Year

Rewarding Routines

How to Create Supportive Structure for Your Life

Spring Cleaning

How to Increase Harmony and Flow

No More Tangents and Distractions

How to Maintain Clarity on Your Path