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Endless Possibilities Program

6-Month Transformational Program June 2017 – January 2018

The Accelerated Endless Possibilities Program takes participants on a six-month journey to discover their greatest potential and how to embody it. Through this transformational program, participants experience a sense of freedom and expansiveness. By learning to draw from their own personal potential they discover how to reach endless possibilities in their life.

More than a course of study, the six-month Accelerated Endless Possibilities Program, created and facilitated by Daphne Michaels, is a vehicle to the life you are meant to live!

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Why Intention Matters

Understanding intention is imperative to living a life of endless possibilities. In this session participants explore the power of true intention — for both themselves and within their cohort as it forms into an intentional learning community. Participants are invited to embody and focus their intentions for a life of greater meaning, happiness and opportunity.

Your Personal Potential

To live a life of endless possibilities we must understand potential and where it comes from. In this session participants explore the potential they carry within themselves and learn to bring it forward to use to expand their daily lives.

The Mind

At best, the human mind (combined with the intuitive process) is home for the highest creative potential known in the universe. At worst, it is an incubator for toxicity and destruction. In this session, participants consider how the mind can be freed, fed, and developed through expanded awareness.


Quite often, it is the emotional aspect of self which, either underdeveloped or overstimulated, creates needless suffering. And yet, aren’t emotions a crucial aspect of human life? In this session, participants explore the role emotions play in a life of endless possibilities.

Discovering Ease

Through expanded awareness we increase our ability to both “go with the flow” in life — and at the same time direct that flow toward endless possibilities. In this session participants develop the art and skill of living with “ease.” This discovery takes participants to a greater appreciation of our connection to the entire universe.

Ego and Disharmony

We have all experienced the “quagmire” of life born of the human ego’s fear, defenses, delusions and despair. The disharmony of the quagmire often brings about depression, addiction, perfectionism, shame and self-doubt. In this session participants examine the role of the human ego and how to use disharmony to move toward harmony and ease in life. Disharmony does not need to rule us. It is ours to use as we design lives of endless possibilities.

Nature’s Profound Importance to Us

The wisest humans who have ever lived understand an important secret about nature — that it funds our dreams and inspires us to be more than we ever thought possible before. Why? In this session participants learn how to receive the power and beauty of nature as a catalyst for living lives of endless possibilities.


Living a life of endless possibilities alters our relationships to others. In this session participants explore the quality, quantity, longevity, and nature of their relationships with an invitation to develop their relationships. The model of “gifted” partners, teams and communities is introduced as a means to imagine a new and completely satisfying way of being in relationship to others.

The Endless Possibilities of Life

How does an expanded awareness of possibilities in life impact our goals and desires? How do we delve deeper into discovering what's truly possible for us — both individually and collectively as a human community? In this session participants design personal routines and practices that will support their ongoing journey to unfold their greatest potential and live lives of endless possibilities.


The Daphne Michaels Institute programs and consulting sessions are not intended to substitute medical advise of physicians or for mental health diagnosis or treatment. They are intended solely for personal development. Participants should regularly consult with a physician or mental health professional in matters relating to his/her health or wellbeing and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require professional diagnosis, therapeutic attention or treatment.